Wye Valley River Festival 2020

WVRF theme for 2020 is TIME – a VAST subject which we will distil into a few seconds…

We will be looking at the advantages of time, how we use it, and the best way to use it well.

How much time do we have left? As a species, as a planet?

It now the time to be doing… what?? Saving insects from extinction? Visiting the woods? Chopping wood? Making a fire? Communing with a tree? Planting trees? Spending time with family and friends and frolicking with song, music, dance and art…or combing art and activism to make a real difference?

Should we transport a giant hourglass full of sand from Hereford to Chepstow on horseback and see how long it takes? Is time slipping away like sand through our fingers? What can we do about it??

We’ll play and we’ll pause. We’ll take a deep long breath … and hold it…

We’ll look at cyclical time, geological time, space time and cultural time. You have plenty of time to think about what all that might mean. We’ll build you several clocks and invent many other ways to measure the passing of time.

The festival will last exactly 1,382,400 seconds or 23,040 minutes.

Events will be timed to the second.

Yours sincerely Old Father Time
P.S. There is no time like the future. Now’s the Time!


WVRF collaborators in research and development for 2020


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