Wye Valley River Festival

‘The arts have been spectacularly effective in communicating the key messages of the AONB.’ Wye Valley River Festival evaluation report.
With a total audience of 18,500 and a boost of at least £400,000 to the local economy, the first ever Wye Valley River Festival encompassed two weeks of spectacular events from May 3 – 18th 2014 in the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Read more here.

Richard Headon and Jon Beedell

Slapstick & Slaughter

‘The best thing you’ve ever done’, ‘Brilliantly conceived’, ‘funny and desperately sad’. We’ve had a fantastic response to our new WW1-inspired show Slapstick & Slaughter and are now taking bookings for this winter and beyond. Find out more here and view our promo video.

Picture credit: Layton Thompson

Spring 2015 News

Desperate Men turn 35 in 2015 and we are celebrating this half-decade by lining up new projects with tide and river themes, taking off our trousers in a Dadaist confrontation of war, hanging out with Stephen Fry and trying to bring the arts to people who can’t usually access them. Read more here.

(Picture credit: Layton Thompson)

Bristol Loves Tides

Water runs under, over and around Bristol, but how many people understand how and when it ebbs, flows, floods and falls? Bristol Loves Tides is part of the Green Capital 2015 programme and will take audiences deep into the rhythm of our city’s water. Find out more here.

(Photo by Tom Walmsley)

Creative Production

About Us

Would you like to test the limits of our imagination? We’re pretty sure it’s limitless, so get in touch if you have an idea that would benefit from a Desperate point of view – we’re always looking for new partners and projects.


Desperate Dictionary

The Desperate Dictionary is now live! Our video archive spans over 30 years and ranges from early, experimental shows to coverage of our latest productions. We’ve taken clips from a variety of silly, beautiful, musical, anarchic, serious and hilarious videos that demonstrate different aspects of our work and collected them into a dictionary of Desperation. Have a look!

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Outdoors, indoors, North, South, East and West – you can catch us all over the UK in 2015. Confirmed gigs… Read more

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